Good Food Promise Resources

Good Food Promise Resources

Through cafeteria observations and Harvest of the Month work, the Whatcom Farm to School Team has developed resources for creating positive eating environments and promoting healthy eating in schools. Together with the Bellingham Public Schools Good Food Promise Committee we have developed resources to help school administrators, para educators, teachers, custodians and parents create positive change in school classrooms and cafeterias.

The Good Food Promise – Bellingham Public Schools

The Bellingham Good Food Promise was developed to define healthy food and supports district policy 3440—Food, Food Education, Physical Education & Physical Activity, and is designed as a guide for food and food education in all school district activities and programs

Harvest of the Month Calendar

Each month, a food that grows in the Northwest region is featured on the school lunch menu in Whatcom County schools. These items are also highlighted in local restaurants and grocery stores in Whatcom County. Harvest of the Month offers a great opportunity to try new foods, talk about food choices, and think about where our food comes from.

Celebrations & Fundraisers

This handout suggests ways to celebrate special occasions in school and reward positive behavior, that involve non-food alternatives or choosing healthier options.

Sample Letters from Principals

This document includes examples in which school staff have taken initiative and moved forward with procedures to put the Good Food Promise into practice.

Cafeteria Environment Resources

Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in the Cafeteria

Using the CASEL wheel of social and emotional learning competencies, our team further identifies some examples of how this might look in a school cafeteria.

Cafeteria Expectations

A resource that includes an example of Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful values and how that applies to the school cafeteria.

Things to Say (and Not to Say) in School Cafeterias/Cues to Calm the Cafeteria

This handout offers adults in school cafeterias language to use to encourage students to try healthy food options and use their school meal period to nourish their bodies.

Strategies for Creating a Positive Cafeteria Environment

Providing guidance and specific strategies, this document includes ways to set a positive tone in the cafeteria during mealtimes so students feel welcome, build healthy relationships, and nourish their bodies.

Creating Cafeteria Environments that Promote Healthy Eating

This compilation of resources includes techniques, strategies and best practices for promoting healthy eating in school lunchrooms. It addresses many topics including scheduling and transitions, the physical design of the cafeteria, and behavior management.

What Custodians Can Do to Create a Positive Cafeteria Environment

Custodians play an essential role in creating an inviting cafeteria environment and teaching students to take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves. This handout offers five ways custodians can have a positive impact.

How to Host a Cafeteria Field Trip

Setting the tone and creating behavior expectations for the cafeteria is critical to the success of students during school mealtimes. Cafeteria “field trips” are one way to ensure students know what to expect in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Assessment Form

If you’re wanting to do your own cafeteria assessment, this form will help you identify areas that are working well and areas that may need improvement.