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Guidelines for Celebrations & Fundraisers in Schools

healthy-school-fundraisingSchool celebrations, classroom parties and fundraisers have long been a part of our school communities and play an important and valuable role. The Whatcom Farm to School team partnered with the Bellingham Public Schools’ Good Food Promise Implementation (GFPI) committee to take a closer look at healthy food choices in all areas of the school where food is offered. One of the areas the committee has chosen to focus on is celebrations and fundraisers.

Designing celebrations and fundraisers that focus on special activities, instead of food, is an opportunity to promote positive, healthy messages while creating a caring community. The GFPI committee has developed Guidelines for Celebrations and Fundraisers, including recommendations for healthier food choices and non-food alternatives that can be applied in any school community.

Other resources that may be helpful in planning school celebrations, parties and fundraisers:

Tools from Action for Healthy Kids:


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