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It’s March and this month we are celebrating GRAINS!  Are you a fan of wheat, barley, rice, corn, quinoa, millet, rye, oats, or all of the above?  For fun, try the Grain Challenge: Note all the different grains you eat in one day and see if you can name them!

Bread making is one easy and enjoyable way to get your family involved in learning about grains.  While we dream of warmer temperatures, it’s still a good time to cozy up and learn about the science of bread. Our friends at WSU’s Bread Lab and Readers to Eaters have put together this list of some great resources to get started:

Also check out our Harvest of the Month Grains page to access lots of fun facts about grains, including a “Grain of the Month” calendar from the Whole Grains Council which introduces 12 different grains and fun facts about them.

We hope you have a delicious month thinking and learning about grains!


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