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Celebrating Washington’s First Apple – The Cosmic Crisp

This is an extra special year to celebrate APPLES as the January Harvest of the Month item because a brand new apple has just arrived in grocery stores and it’s the first apple bred in Washington State. Introducing the Cosmic Crisp! The name comes from the little white star-like specks that create a galaxy on the apple’s skin.

Washington State University Ext. in Wenatchee began developing the Cosmic Crisp over 20 years ago, using traditional breeding methods (not genetic modification so they are non-GMO). The WSU researchers were aiming for an apple with the juicy, sweet-tart flavor of a Honeycrisp and the long shelf life of an Enterprise apple. The Cosmic Crisp is supposed to last nearly a year in the refrigerator. Amazing! And how does it taste? Go try one for yourself and see.

The Cosmic Crisp is big news!


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