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Think Inside The Box Contest Winners

think-inside-the-boxCongratulations to the winners of Whatcom Farm-to-School’s “Think Inside the Box Contest” — Kini Stewart and Jessica Hoyle of Ms. Vincent’s culinary class at Blaine High School!!

The Think Inside the Box Contest presented students with a virtual CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box full of locally grown produce and challenged them to create or find recipes to use all the ingredients, with minimal waste. Two primary goals of this contest were to educate high school students about Community Supported Agriculture, and give them some experience resourcefully planning meals using locally produced and seasonal ingredients.

Kini and Jessica did a fantastic job, submitting eight delicious-looking recipes using various cooking techniques and ethnic cuisines. They were both creative, and achieved the goals of the contest. In recognition, they will each receive a real CSA box of food from a local farm.

Watch for another round of the Think Inside the Box Contest coming soon.