How Can I Get Involved?

How Can I Get Involved?

Teachers, PTAs, and School Staff: Take advantage of the Harvest of the Month day at your school to talk about good nutrition, local agriculture, and so much more!  See the Resources page for each Harvest of the Month item for educational and outreach materials, and contact us for information or support.


  • Learning about eating begins at home. Help your kids be curious about food and become adventurous eaters by:
  • Shopping for groceries together
  • Growing food
  • Harvesting food you or local farmers have grown
  • Cooking together
  • Talking about memorable meals
  • Encourage your children to try school lunch on the Harvest of the Month day, and other school meals featuring fresh and local products (check your school menu for details).
    • Talk to your children about the featured harvest item
    • Try out Harvest item recipes at home (for more recipes see your school lunch menu and Common Threads’ recipes used in classroom cooking lessons)


Parents & Community members: Contribute your time, talents, dollars, and encouragement.

  • Contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities happening in the cafeteria or classroom, with taste testing and nutrition lessons.
  • Find out about volunteer opportunities happening in school gardens and cooking with students. Click here to volunteer with Common Threads Farm and School Garden Collective.
  • Donate to local organizations supporting healthy, fresh, and local food in schools, including: