Tools for the Cafeteria

Tools for the Cafeteria

Menu Development

Food Safety

The Washington State Health Department offers the convenience of online food worker training and testing at for all staff and volunteers who handle food. Allow about one hour to complete the process. The training and test are offered in English, Cambodian, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Closed Caption. 

Picture20Food Service Staff Training

  • The Washington Restaurant Association offers ServSafe Food Handler and Manager Certifications. Their training programs deliver consistent food safety training to employees in five key areas: Basic Food Safety; Personal Hygiene; Cross-contamination & Allergens; Time & Temperature; Cleaning & Sanitation. A manager-level certification not only provides advanced food safety knowledge, it also helps food service establishments comply with the Demonstration of Knowledge and Person in Charge (PIC) requirements with the Washington State Food Code, and includes some allergen training. The Advanced Food Safety Certificate is valid for five years.
  • Cook for America, LLC, offers 5-day “Culinary Boot Camps” which aim to raise the skills and self-respect of school food service personnel with a comprehensive culinary training program.
  • Lunch Lessons, LLC, leads school food service programs through the steps of transforming meal programs to scratch cooking with fresh, sustainably grown, locally sourced ingredients beginning with a detailed assessment and strategic planning for accomplishing districts’ goals.

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