What we feed our kids matters.

Celebrate the Earth and All it Grows

Photo credit: keepingenergyaffordable.com

April is an exciting month in Whatcom County for celebrating Earth Day and growing your own food!



Children love growing their own food. In fact, children are usually more willing to try a new food that they have grown themselves. Start simple and add to it!

Photo credit: downtowncamas.com

And here are some of the many ways families can celebrate the earth this month:

April 1st

Opening Day of the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, which coincides with the release of the Sustainable Connections Food and Farm Finder!

April 15th

Hands on and educational activities at the Cordata Co-op Garden Day!

April 17th

Common Threads’ 3rd Annual Dirt Fest

April 22nd

Earth Day! Make a recycled planter on a string.

April 29th

Without Bees we wouldn’t have food! Run for the Bees through the Apple Blossoms at Bellewood Acres. Register here!