What we feed our kids matters.

Who is your School Lunch Hero?

school-lunch-hero-dayMay 5, 2017 is School Lunch Hero Day. School Lunch Heroes are people involved in making school meals a favorite part of every student’s day. They can be food service staff, principals, teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, and volunteers. From their friendly greetings in the cafeteria and their encouragement to eat more fruits and vegetables, to the love they dish out with every student’s meal, these folks are truly School Lunch Heroes.

When asked what makes a “School Lunch Hero,” one Whatcom County school food service professional had this to say: “They want to learn new things, have high standards for themselves and for the operation, care for the students, and take pride in being a part of something good.”

Who, in your school, is making an outstanding effort to feature fresh and local food choices, improve food quality and presentation, create a welcoming cafeteria environment, and encourage students to make healthy food choices? Take some time to celebrate them this month! Ideas for recognizing your School Lunch Hero can be found here.