It’s a movement. It’s a partnership. It’s a meeting of minds and hearts all focused on finding practical ways to get more fresh and local food into school meals, and teaching children to learn to love healthy food.

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Eating healthy food helps children do well in school and sets them up for a bright future.

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Because what we feed our kids matters. Because local farms matter. And when we connect all of our children with fresh and healthy food in school meals, everyone thrives!

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October is National Farm-to-School Month

It’s time to celebrate the farm-to-school activities happening around our community and across the country: food education, school gardens, and lunch trays filled with healthy and local ingredients!

Take the One Small Step Pledge to highlight the simple ways you – as community members, students, parents, food producers and nutrition professionals – can get involved in farm-to-school activities. Take the pledge now and be entered to win support for farm-to-school activities in the school of your choice.


Taste Washington Day is October 5, 2016!

It’s time to celebrate Washington-grown foods in school meals. Schools across the state will be participating in all different ways: The Washington Apple Crunch, locally-sourced lunch, taste tests, presentations by local farmers, etc. Taste Washington Day is a great way to kick off National Farm-to-School Month. Check your school menu for details on your school’s locally-sourced meal for October 5th!


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This video highlights the positive impacts of farm-to-school programs.