Across the nation there are over 40,000 schools with farm-to-school programs bringing more fresh, healthy, and locally produced foods into their cafeterias, including approximately 1200 schools in Washington state and all of the public schools in Whatcom County!

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Healthy eating has a profound impact on a child’s ability to learn, and creates positive attitudes and behaviors. So what makes a meal healthy and …

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There is growing interest in connecting fresh and local foods with school lunch programs.  With childhood obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related diseases on the rise, …

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It’s Easy to Eat Local for the Holidays

eat-local-for-thanksgivingFor all of us fortunate enough to live in the Northwest, gratitude for the abundant harvest is a common and sincere feeling at this time of year. As you prepare for your holiday celebrations, please take time to:

  • Consider what local foods you can serve:
    • Visit the Bellingham Farmers Market or look for local meat, produce, and dairy products at the grocery store.
    • Tweak your old family favorite recipes to include locally grown alternatives and taste the delicious results.
  • Involve the kids in the shopping and cooking — it may take a bit longer, but it’s worth it (and they will probably be more enthusiastic eaters at the dinner table).
  • Try placing a few of these thought-provoking discussion cards developed by the Cascade Harvest Coalition on your Thanksgiving table to stimulate some interesting conversations about food among your guests.

Our Definition of “Local Food”

eat-local-for-the-holidays“Local” can mean different things to different people. When we say “local food” we are referring to food grown within a four-county region: Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties. This is the same definition used by Sustainable Connections in their Eat Local First Campaign.

What does “local” mean to you?

Click this interactive map to see many of Whatcom County’s farms and what they grow.

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