What we feed our kids matters.

What is Your Favorite Taste of Summer?

summer-food-in-whatcom-countyIf you’re tasting the first crunchy snap peas or juicy sweet strawberries of the season, or finishing off the last of the blueberries in your freezer from the past year, you know what summertime tastes like. Summer tastes sweet and satisfying, fresh and fulfilling and it’s all available right here in Whatcom County.

You can give your family the gift of tasting a bit of summer by heading to a local U-pick farm, your local farmer’s market or even your own backyard garden. If you are looking for U-pick farms or a list of farmer’s markets, Sustainable Connections’ Food & Farming Program has got you covered with the Whatcom Food & Farm Finder. Just keep presenting the opportunities and before you know it, your kids will fall in love with a new taste of the summer!

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