Across the nation there are over 40,000 schools with farm-to-school programs bringing more fresh, healthy, and locally produced foods into their cafeterias, including approximately 1200 schools in Washington state and all of the public schools in Whatcom County!

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Healthy eating has a profound impact on a child’s ability to learn, and creates positive attitudes and behaviors. So what makes a meal healthy and …

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There is growing interest in connecting fresh and local foods with school lunch programs.  With childhood obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related diseases on the rise, …

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An Easy Way to Support Whatcom F2S

The Community Food Co-op has partnered with Organically Grown Company to raise money for local farm-to-school programming. Northwest distributor, Organically Grown, has created a program to direct funds from sales of “Farm to School” three-pound bags of fuji apples to local F2S programs. The Community Food Co-op has selected Whatcom F2S to receive 100% of the profits from their sales of these apples.

So far, apple sales have raised about $2400 for Whatcom F2S projects. Please choose Farm to School apples on your next trip to the Food Co-op and help raise money for Whatcom F2S programs. 

In addition to participating in this F2S fundraiser with Organically Grown, the Community Food Co-op has consistently provided invaluable support to Whatcom F2S efforts, including assistance with local food procurement for school meals and events, and producing The Real Food Show (an entertaining school assembly designed to motivate healthy food and lifestyle choices).
Many thanks to the Community Food Co-op for their partnership, leadership, and the support of their community!


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